Best Photos of 2011

Scott Thomas runs a photography blog.  I have always greatly admired Scott because he manages to take a great deal of photographs despite his environs.  You see, I went to graduate school in his neck of the woods and I never considered there to be an awful lot of scenes worthy of pressing the shutter release.  Oh, to be sure there is Ithaca with its amazing gorges.  That is a location worth hauling your camera equipment out for.  Too, there is Letchworth State Park.  I have always wanted to go there with my gear.  Once I do, it will be a much longer road trip.  Okay, so there are some hot spots for photography in upstate New York.  Still, I have always admired Scott because he religiously updates his blog at least once a week and has created a substantial online community.  You can find his blog here at  This month Scott has posted an assignment.  He has asked everyone to post three favorite photographs (ones that they have taken) from 2011.  In fully throwing my support behind Scott, I offer the photographs that I have tagged as my favorites.

Da' Man of Union Square Park

Central Park Quiet Zone

In the Rafters

Coming of Dawn

An Autumn Ama Dablam

10 thoughts on “Best Photos of 2011

  1. Wonderful pictures ! All so different and well captured. I especially love the portrait in B&W and – being from an alpine area – these mighty mountains (last picture). Where is it ? Thanks for sharing such a great choice of your pictures.

    1. Thank you for your wonderful compliments. The mighty mountain in the last picture is Ama Dablam. Ama means twin. Dablam means sister. Ama Dablam is Mount Everest’s twin sister (and she’s a whole lot more photogenic than Everest is). I visited Nepal last month (October) to trek to Mount Everest base camp. I’ll be writing posts about the journey over the course of the next month or so. I plan to include photographs and videos where I think it will help add to the story.

      Thank you again.

  2. Hmm. Maybe it was a mistake to visit your blog. Should I stop photographing? No! I’ll just come here again and learn how to do.
    I think your photos are outstanding.

  3. I came across your blog here via Scott’s latest assignment: And what a nice surprise to enjoy your fabulous photos! (And I can see that I’m not the only one that’s surprised!). These five photos are fine all of them, but I choose the second – and the last one – as my favorites. And i can’t wait to see all your photos from the trek to Mount Everest base camp!!!

  4. Scott,

    Thank you for joining in on this month’s assignment and for your kind words! I will definitely add you to my blog roll! Congrats on your trip to Nepal last month! I will be back to read and enjoy the stories and photos from such a grand adventure. If you ever come back to upstate New York, drop me a line and we’ll get together and do some shooting.

    Scott (the other one!)

    1. WOW! Oooooh, wow! I am speechless that I made it on your blogroll. Honored, flattered…really. I think the bar to my posts was just raised. I hope I don’t disappoint. Thank you!

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